Joey Kozlovskiy


I am designer with 14 years of experience. Drop me a line at or message me in telegram. 🖐️ Open for remote work!

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Hard skills

I am good at product design, UI + UX, HTML + CSS + JS, mobile apps, design systems, design analysis, prototyping, project management etc.

Soft skills

For me passion in work matters more than KPI. People describe me as pedantic, diligent and easy-going. I like order, structure, mise-en-place and creating lists. On the other hand I am hedonist-type-of-person.


Almost 7 years I am working at VK as full-stack-designer (UI, UX, Front-end, Web, Brand, Product) in Notify where we developing services based on SMS API.

As side project me and my wife created and curating psychological programs «Волна». My job here is about comfort and beauty in UI, web, materials and vibe.

From 2012 to 2018 I worked at in instant messengers (ICQ, Agent, department as mobile apps designer.

I worked with: logistic company Fura, facial recognition company VisionLabs, design-studio Metafora, dating app Pure and dozens of other projects.

About myself

I am 35, have wife and two kids. Now based in València, España.

I am crazy about playing synths and guitar, singing, producing music, having fun responsibly, cooking delicious food and beverages, 80's aesthetics, nintendo games, skateboarding, sea, mountains, pines and summer.

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